Why Upgrade your Surveillance System?
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In 2012, I described my purchase of my first surveillance system as a “one-time investment”. I was, of course, referring to the fact that I wouldn’t have to pay monthly fees to a central station monitoring company for home security. … Read More

Focusrite Scarlett Studio
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This video is an unbiased review of the Focusrite Scarlett Studio – a professional 2-channel audio recording interface. I use a lot of voiceovers with my videos the Focusrite was a well-deserved upgrade. Product Links I recommend buying Focusrite and … Read More

Natural Mosquito Repellent
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Last month, I hacked my backpack blower into a Mosquito Bazooka to wage war on New Jersey’s “unofficial state bird”. In this follow-up episode, I use my mosquito bazooka to apply a natural mosquito repellent that I found on Pinterest made from … Read More

Build a Mosquito Bazooka
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Watch as I hack my backpack blower into a BAZOOKA to wage war on New Jersey’s unofficial state bird, the mosquito. Professional mosquito services cost about $75 per application. A dedicated mosquito blower costs $300-700. NJ mosquitoes are so bad … Read More

How to Replace a Garage Door Torsion Spring
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My buddy, Ed, had a garage door spring break after 20 years and he was initially intimidated by people telling him how dangerous they are to replace, and that he should call a professional. But Ed’s a hands-on guy like me … Read More

Moen Kitchen Faucet Repair for FREE
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Repair, don’t replace! This video explains how to repair a leaking Moen kitchen faucet for FREE! For Moen warranty information and parts, check their web site:

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller
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I recently upgraded my sprinkler controller to the Rachio 2nd Generation. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, read on. If you don’t have a sprinkler system, but aspire to have one some day, read on. If you don’t really … Read More

Viral Bed Turns One
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By REBECCA ALLEN, Press Writer Mon Jul 4, 6:31 AM ET FREEHOLD, NJ — A year ago, while the rest of America celebrated Independence Day 2015 with hot dogs, beer and fireworks, Chris Heider was creating his own history when he “hacked” seven IKEA … Read More

How to Replace a Broken Ice Maker Valve
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How to Replace a Broken Ice Maker Valve What do you do when the handle breaks on the little saddle valve that shuts off the water to your ice maker? My buddy, Ray, couldn’t get his fridge fixed until he … Read More

Nintendo is relaunching the original NES, complete with HDMI and 30 built-in games
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Seasoned gamers looking to relive their glory days will soon have an all-new reason to do so thanks to Nintendo. On Thursday the company announced the upcoming re-launch of the NES—yes, the original Nintendo Entertainment System is coming back, albeit … Read More

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