IKEA Hack Platform Bed Q&A

I am overwhelmed by the popularity of my IKEA Hack Platform Bed (affectionately known as #thebed in my house). On YouTube, the video generated more than 16 million views, 40 thousand subscribers, and four thousand comments. Those comments inspired me to rebrand my channel as HandyDadTV and create this web site (see the About page), but they also prompted me to record an IKEA Hack Platform Bed Q&A session.

In the Q&A session, narrated by my daughter, Rebecca, who has slept in #thebed for four months, I answer some of the most common questions about the project, including construction options, what/where to buy, how to repair (and prevent) broken steps, and if the bed is sturdy enough for “nocturnal activities.”

It’s must-watch material if you are considering building #thebed.

MUST WATCH Part 2 of this video!

I don’t like long videos so I broke it into two parts. The second part covers very important topics such as repairing a broken step, preventing broken steps, and the ever-popular question about weight capacity for more than one person doing — ya know — what couples do in bed.

Watch Part 2 of this Video


The approximate cost of this project was $480, roughly broken down as follows:
$355 – Cabinets
$85 – Lumber
$40 – Paneling, carpet, knobs


I’ve had a number of questions about the specific cabinets used. Keep in mind, you can do this project with any brand or style as long as they are wall cabinets. I used IKEA cabinets that are called SEKTION in the U.S. and METOD elsewhere. They can be found on ikea.com, although the website can be flaky and you may need to visit the store to purchase them.

I don’t give links because they are subject to change. If you want to use my exact cabinets, the best way to find them is to go to ikea.com and search for the article numbers shown below:

  • SEKTION 24w x 15d x 30h – Article #790.344.55 (qty: 4)
  • SEKTION 15w x 15d x 30h – Article #190.344.44 (qty: 1)
  • SEKTION 15w x 15d x 20h – Article #390.344.43 (qty: 1)
  • TUTEMO 9w x 14-3/4d x 15h – Article #802.783.53 (qty: 1)

Note that I bought them complete with the Häggeby White doors and hinges. Be careful because IKEA has different options for buying different doors or without doors, and these options affect the price.

The smallest step is a TUTEMO open cabinet laid on its side. This cabinet measures 9 x 14-3/4 x 15. It’s not the exact size shown in my design, but it’s the closest I could get.


I get a lot of questions about the paneling. This kind of paneling is a quick and easy wall board made from wood fibers with a printed veneer to look like wood. It was extremely popular in the US in the 1970’s, but it is still available in large home centers.

We bought our paneling at Home Depot in Freehold. It comes in sheets that are 4 x 8 feet (121cm x 248cm) and approximately 3/16″ (47mm) thick. They probably had 6-8 different varieties in stock, and we just picked out the one we thought would look best with her cabinets and comforter. It was inexpensive – less than $20.

Free-standing Bed Frame

If you want to build a bed like this without attaching it to the walls, start with a freestanding bed frame design, such as this one and add the cabinets to enclose it.


Not everyone loves this design or the materials. Are you one of those haters who think IKEA cabinets are cheap and this bed is doomed to fall apart? If so, read this.

Blueprints Available


Blueprints for this project are available for purchase in my store. The detailed blueprints show you exactly how I built this bed so you can build an exact replica or adapt it to your own design.

I offer a discount for subscribers! Learn more about my Subscriber Discount.

Shop for the Blueprints

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36 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Hello! I love the idea of this storage bed! It looks like so much extra bedding, comforters and what not could fit under it along with a lot of other goodies. I was wondering if you have any other design of the bed with the steps and the platform that is left over to set things such as a light and book would be on the opposite side? Kind of swap the layout. I am no designer and am not very proficient at coming up with something like that. Please let me know ASAP as I want to get building this great project! Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Chris Heider says:

      Hi Jim. The blueprints show the exact dimensions and materials of the two bed versions that I built. It would be trivial to build them in reverse, assuming you’re using the same cabinets and mattress size. I’m no designer either; the idea came from a picture my daughter found on Pinterest. I just took out some graph paper, drew her mattress and looked at the IKEA catalog to see which size cabinets would work best around it. You can do the same thing if you need to change any of the components for some reason.

  2. Joergen says:

    Hi! In the video I can only count 4 of the big cabinets (SEKTION 24w x 15d x 30h) but in the Q & A section it says 5. How many should I buy?


    Joergen from Norway

  3. Phia says:

    Hi, there! So, I know the cabinets are called SEKTION in the U.S. and METOD elsewhere, but anyway I can’t find them in our stores (living in Austria, also the reason for my bad english 😁, sorry for that). So, could you give me some alternatives or perhaps just the measures of the cabinets in cm?

  4. Stacie says:

    Hi! I am so excited to give this project a GO for 3 girls – will need to do some modifications as I need to put 3 of these babies in one room. Doing some online searching and am unable to find the Tutemo cabinet in the size specified in white, it appears it only comes in black now? I wouldn’t mind doing them in black rather than white but it doesn’t appear that the Sektion ones are available in black! I have a quandry!! Any suggestions? Also, any chance you ever did the exact cabinet layout for a twin? Is it in your pdf? I’m going to both subscribe and order once I am at my home computer. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing project 🙂

    • Chris Heider says:

      Oh! Aren’t you ambitious building THREE of these!!!! I’ve had people build two, but this is the first time for THREE! I want to see before and after pictures please!!

      Yes, I heard they stopped making that Tutemo in white and I was not happy. I have no idea why they discontinued white but still have black. You have a few options: live with the black cabinet, paint it white, or find another solution. I’d probably opt to paint the cabinet. Especially if you put a carpet on top like I did. Nobody will ever know it was black.

      My blueprints give the exact dimensions of the two beds that I built – both were full size mattresses. But I talk about it in the Q&A video that I would use the same layout but the Tutemo would stick out a little bit. The other alternative is to use a smaller width cabinet at the top of the steps – maybe 18″ wide instead of 24″.

      Be sure to reinforce the steps like I did in the Q&A. Good luck! Email pics to chris@handydad.tv.

      You’re so awesome to do this for your girls! If they want to make a video of you doing this for them, I’d be happy to produce it and share it. They might have fun with that and it could be very popular. Email me if interested.

  5. Ashley says:

    What would the dimensions be for the free standing/smaller version of the bed?

    • Chris Heider says:

      Hi Ashley. The freestanding bed is the same length as the mattress, but 15 inches wider. I used a full-size mattress, which is 53″ x 75″, so the overall size of my freestanding bed is 68″ x 75″.

  6. Shelby says:

    I need to boost my bed up off of the carpet and potentially above about 4 inches of trim. Do you think I could use Ikea Capita legs on each cabinet to do this, or would I be better off using 2x4s and 1x4s to build a base for the bottom?

    • Chris Heider says:

      You could go either way. Capita would be a good choice because they are adjustable, but more expensive than a 2×4 frame. They’d also collect dirt and dust under the cabinets. I’d probably do a wood base. You shouldn’t need to worry about being higher than the baseboard trim because the cabinets aren’t tight against the walls.

  7. Veronica says:

    I would love to know how it’s holding up. I’m tried of buying furniture. Every time we PCS I know we’ll need new furniture. My husband is about to retire and we are about to purchase our first home and I’d like to make this for our tween aged daughters. I honestly don’t want to buy them anymore furniture from now until graduation.

  8. Myriam Abdelaziz says:

    I am super not handy and am looking for someone who I could hire to do me a bed like that… any suggestions?
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Natasha Cecka says:

    What are the finished dimensions for the bed? Online I saw 40″ tall cabinets. What cabinets do you recommend for the steps if we do this. We are thinking of going with the taller cabinets so we can make a reading nook and play area underneath. We are going to ikea this weekend and buying everything!

    • Chris Heider says:

      The original version (attached to the wall) is 15 inches longer and wider than the mattress. If you go with 40-inch tall cabinets, just add a 30″ step to my design. Just make the four big cabinets full height; keep the 15x15x30 cabinet as a third step.

  10. Katelyn Hawes says:

    What kind of paneling did you use and what are the measurements? Also where did you get the carpet?

    • Chris Heider says:

      Thanks for the question! I just updated the Q&A to include a paragraph about the paneling.

    • Chris Heider says:

      I’m pretty sure I got the carpet from Home Depot as well. Anything rubber-backed will do so that it doesn’t slip under foot. It’s not secured; just stays put on its own.

  11. Daniel says:

    How to build it without using the wall?

  12. Gracie says:

    Hi, I was looking to do this in my room, but I cannot seem to find the cabinets. I live in the US and the link does not seem to work. Any suggestions?

    • Chris says:

      After you click the link, it originally shows a much more expensive cabinet. Give it a minute to finish loading and you should see:
      SEKTION Wall cabinet, white, Häggeby white
      The price reflects selected options
      Article Number: 790.344.55
      Cabinet number:: SE W1D

      If that doesn’t work for you, just go to IKEA.com and enter “790.344.55” in the search box.

  13. Jon ward says:

    Hi have watched this video a few times now i love the idea, im from the uk and live in a 1 bedroom flat and have little storage. I wanted to find out how i could adapt this idea for a superking size mattress, it measures 182cm wide x 200 cm long. I wanted to adapt your idea because it is such a big mattress and i wanted to incorporate a raised section at the foot end of the bed as a kind of desk section for my pc towe and other bits as my tv is wall mounted already i have the idea in my head of how it should look but not sure on the construction side as it will be the full width of the foon and nearly half the lenght… Pleas could u help. Thanx Jon

    • Chris says:

      Yes, I’m sure you can adapt this design for a bigger mattress. But are you sure you want to put such a big bed against a wall like I did? Whoever sleeps next to the wall will have a really difficult time getting out of bed without disturbing the other person, especially if you build a desk at the foot of the bed. Start by drawing it on graph paper, like I did. Draw the mattress first, then fit cabinets around it, and add your desk area. After you have the plan worked out, you can think about building the platform.

  14. Ian says:

    So I’m making 2 of these beds for my 2 sons that share a room in July and was wondering if you think this would work with a twin bed if I removed the 24×15×30 cabinet on the stairs? Also do u have a list of lumber and peices needed to purchase trying to only go to the store once.

    • Chris says:

      If you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll get access to the blueprints of my bed which shows measurements of every part I used using a full-size mattress. I did not make a plan for a twin, but it wouldn’t be hard for you to figure out. Just grab some graph paper and dimensions of the mattress and cabinets that you think you’ll use. I did my original plan on graph paper, I only digitized it after it got popular. One of my subscribers built it with a twin so check out his story for inspiration.

  15. Bayly kelley says:

    How much did this cost my family is in a tight budget???

  16. Kane says:

    Is this possible with a king bed.?

    • Chris says:

      Sure I don’t see why not. But you probably wouldn’t want to build it against a wall, and you’d need more support.

  17. Grant Devlin says:

    Hi there, thanks for the inspiration. Built the platform bed for my 4 yr old daughter last week and she loves it. Made a few changes to your design but nothing major. Glad I took the time to try it and really pleased with the end result. Thanks again for sharing.

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