pHin Smart Pool Monitor

I've owned a pool all my life and I know the hassle of keeping it balanced and looking good. So when I first learned about the pHin smart pool monitor in 2015 during a pre-release promotion, I jumped at the chance to sign up.

That's right. I paid for this subscription in August 2015. I don't remember how I discovered it (probably a Facebook ad), but  and waited 20 months to receive it! Well, let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

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pHin is more than a monitoring device, it's also a subscription service that provides you the chemicals you need for an entire year. I live in New Jersey so I only keep my pool open from May to September, but the subscription service applies to anyone, including pools in warmer climates that are open year-round.

pHin works for pools and spas with all types of sanitization.

I've never owned a spa, and I've only used chlorine as a sanitizer in my pools. But pHin works for pools and spas with all types of sanitization: chlorine, bromine or salt water.

Videos about the pHin smart pool monitor

I've created a mini-series of videos that explain my initial experience with the pHin smart pool monitor – from unboxing to taking action for regular maintenance – and I'll continue to add videos as the summer progresses. Check them out individually with the links or watch the playlist on YouTube.

Learn more about the pHin Smart Pool Monitor

For details about pHin subscriptions and pricing, go to the pHin website.

Disclaimer about pricing: As you see in my startup video, I purchased my initial pHin seasonal subscription in August 2015 for $199. Like other pre-release offers, they deeply discounted the price and offered free shipping to entice people to take a risk on a new product that may not succeed. Now that it's a real product and people like me are sharing their experiences with it, you aren't taking the kind of risk I did, nor can you expect to pay what I paid.

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2 Responses

  1. Martin Stephenson says:

    Hey Handydad,
    love your review on pHin but I need to know more. Does it have a website that will provide more information on the pool chemical levels? I am looking for a way to integrate the output from pHin so that it can control my pump hours. As I have a salt cell chlorinator the more hours I pump, the more chlorine is produced. And I often have either too much or too little chlorine in my pool.
    While the mobile app is great, I am not going to be able to integrate that with my pool pump.
    Essentially I have my pool pump running from a wifi smart plug (d-Link) that is integrated with the cloud based IFTTT service. So I can feed in triggers to switch the pump on an off.

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