Insteon Micro Dimmer Module
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The Insteon Micro Dimmer Module allows you to turn any wall switch into an Insteon remote controllable dimmer. Alternatively, you can wire it directly to lighting circuits (like I do) to eliminate the need for a wall switch. Wires in behind … Read More

Insteon Lamp Dimmer Module
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The Insteon Lamp Dimmer Module allows you to add Insteon remote control dimming to table lamps, floor lamps and other plug-in lights. Control a light remotely, turning it on and off and adjusting brightness levels Full local control (Dim/Bright, On/Off) … Read More

Insteon Keypad Dimmer
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The Insteon Keypad Dimmer is a combination dimmer switch and remote control for up to 8 Insteon devices or scenes. This device was my first exposure to Insteon and it continues to be one of my favorite Insteon products. They come in … Read More

Turkey Wood Craft – Free Pattern
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This turkey wood craft project is a fun and festive way to kick off the holiday season. It can be made with any kind of wood, even plywood. I used a scrap 3/4-inch thick pine board and sanded it smooth. … Read More

Bed Builder: Trevor Jessup
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Trevor Jessup is a “hacker extraordinaire” in my Bed Builder Hall of Fame. He’s a relatively new dad of a 4-year-old boy, Lee. While browsing the Internet for interesting bed designs, he came across my IKEA Hack Platform Bed and loved the … Read More

Canary All-in-One Home Security System
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Meet Canary The all-in-one home security system you control from your phone. It’s built to learn and sends intelligent alerts with HD video and audio directly to your phone. Canary is an innovative alternative for home security that’s perfect for … Read More

How to Winterize a Pool the EASY Way
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There is no reason to pay a professional to winterize your pool! You also don’t need an expensive cover or chemicals. I’ll show you how to winterize a pool the easy way for a lot less. Watch the Video   … Read More

Vow Renewal in Bermuda
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This is a little bit of a departure from my normal content, but it is a DIY topic, nonetheless! I typically don’t use home movies in my videos, but I’m making an exception to tell you about our vow renewal … Read More

Parking Sensor Troubleshooting
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The Problem “Check Parking Sensor System” was the big orange error on my 2012 Honda Pilot’s display. The day that the error showed up was the day our parking sensors stopped working. The button on the dashboard didn’t work at all, … Read More

Home Surveillance System Upgrade
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My previous home surveillance system provided me four years of reliable service and it was still going strong. But after I helped my neighbor install a high definition Lorex system, I saw first-hand how beautiful that new system was, and how outdated … Read More

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