DIY Lego Table

In this video, I show how my daughter and I built this DIY Lego Table which we donated to the preschool at our local YMCA where she works. It has ample storage and is built strong enough to take abuse from a class full of kids.


Build Notes

This project may seem a little intimidating at first, but you don't need to build it exactly as I did. Below are a number of things that I discovered that could simplify the design if you have limited tools.


I tapered the legs with my tablesaw and a homemade tapering jig, but this step is optional. This is just for esthetics; skip it if you don't have these tools.

Also, I used 5/4 pine (1 1/8″ thick) for the legs so they are chunkier than the 1 x 3 rails (3/4″ thick). This is mainly for esthetics, but thicker legs definitely add strength. If you're making it for home use, you can get away with 1 x 4 legs instead of 5/4 x 4.


I used glue and pocket holes to join the rails to the legs. I could have used mortise-and-tenon, dowels, or biscuits to make this joint, but I tried my new pocket hole jig for this and loved it! If you don't have one, I highly recommend getting a pocket hole jig because it's the easiest joinery method for DIY projects. All you need is the jig and a drill to make just about anything from wood.

For the bin glides, I used a countersink bit set that I've had for 30 years. This is optional if you don't mind seeing screw heads, but I wanted them hidden. This is another one of those tools that you can buy once and use forever. I couldn't find my exact bit set on Amazon, but this one is a close match. It's worth the investment.


If you buy the official Lego bases and IKEA Trofast bins that I used, you can get the blueprints below and save a lot of time by using my measurements. Otherwise, you can alter the design to make it bigger or use different products as you want. The video is meant to show techniques and inspire creativity.


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Tools and Supplies Used in this Video

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DIY Lego Table Blueprints Available

DIY Lego Table

Blueprints for this project are available for purchase in my store. The detailed blueprints show you exactly how I built this table so you can build an exact replica or adapt it to your own design.

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