Cellular Shades on a Bay Window

With two big bay windows in front of my house, we often felt like we were living in a fishbowl on display for the whole neighborhood. We liked the light, but lacked privacy. In this video, I show how I installed four cellular shades to give us that privacy.

Installation Options

I've tried two ways to install cellular shades on a bay window. The easiest way is to get one, big shade that covers the entire window and hang it inside or outside of the trim. That's the method I used in my family room.

The second method, like I did in this video, is to get individual shades for each window.

Both of these methods have pros and cons. They both provide privacy, but individual shades look better, in my opinion. A single shade will cost less, butĀ individual shades provide additional flexibility, especially if you get them with the Top-Down, Bottom-Up option like I did.

Cellular Shades on a Bay Window

Product Details

If you'd like more information on the exact cellular shades that I used in this video, I'll send you the details via Facebook Messenger. Just click here and send me a message that mentions “cellular shades”.

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