How to Replace your Engine Air Filter

In this video, I teach my daughter, Rebecca, how easy it is to change the air filter in her 2012 Hyundai Tucson. We start with a quick trip to #shop at Walmart for the proper FRAM Extra Guard filter for her car. She looks up her car in the reference manual while I double-check it at from my smartphone.

Naturally, we make several stops along the way to check-out… and come home with a couple of new hats… because you can always use an extra hat… or two.

This video was sponsored by #Fram and #CollectiveBias as part of their #SummerCarCare promotion. All opinions are mine.

Note to “Handy” Parents

If you've got driving-age kids, you have a responsibility to show them how to do simple car maintenance for themselves! (Teach them to fish, don't fish for them.)

Watch the Video

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