Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Rachio 2nd Generation

I recently upgraded my sprinkler controller to the Rachio 2nd Generation. If you have an automatic sprinkler system, read on.

If you don’t have a sprinkler system, but aspire to have one some day, read on.

If you don’t really care about sprinklers, controllers, or grass that isn’t meant to be smoked, why are you still reading?

An automatic sprinkler system has electric valves that turn on the water for each of your zones. A controller turns on each zone at the right time and for the right duration.

A “dumb” controller is essentially a clock that waters each zone when you tell it to. You need to decide when to water and how long. With a dumb controller, you are responsible for adjusting the schedule when the days get long and hot, and you also need to tell it when to skip watering if Mother Nature has already watered for you. (Did you ever see a lawn being watered during a rain storm? That’s a dumb homeowner with a dumb controller.)

I’ve had three different controllers in my life and I can say the Rachio is the best hands down! And I’m not getting paid to say that, and I didn’t get it for free.

The Rachio is a “smart” sprinkler controller. Watch this video to see why.

Buy the Rachio

I recommend buying the Rachio from Amazon.com for the fastest shipping and easiest returns. I am an Amazon Affiliate so buying with one of these links helps support my channel without costing you anything extra.

Rebates Available

Check rachio.com/rebates to see if there is a rebate available in your area.

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