Platform Bed TV

The IKEA Hack Platform Bed that I built for my daughter, Becca, is celebrating a birthday! It’s one year old and still going strong. This video shows how I installed a platform bed TV on her bed.

When she’s not sleeping in the bed, she can often be found streaming video on her computer from YouTube, Netflix, or HBO Go. She decided to buy herself a 32-inch Smart TV to improve the quality of her viewing experience. The problem was, where to put it?

Her room is about 13-feet long, so placing it on the opposite wall would be a little too far for that size TV. So we decided to hang it on the wall above her bed using an articulating wall mount that lets the TV swivel in any direction.

The most important thing when mounting a TV on the wall is to make sure the mount is securely attached to a stud.


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Platform Bed TV

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