IKEA Hack Platform Bed Q&A
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I am overwhelmed by the popularity of my IKEA Hack Platform Bed (affectionately known as #thebed in my house). On YouTube, the video generated more than 16 million views, 40 thousand subscribers, and four thousand comments. Those comments inspired me to rebrand my channel … Read More

Cordless Tools
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As a general rule, I don’t like cordless tools for two reasons: battery life and battery life. Batteries often don’t last long enough to do a whole day on a project. They tend to die when you need them the most and … Read More

Understanding Single Pole and 3-Way Switches
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Light switches are everywhere. Flip up, the light goes on. Flip down, the light goes off. But do you really know how they work? And what about 3-ways switches – those funky arrangements where one light is controlled by two … Read More

Configure DVR and Router for remote viewing of Surveillance Cameras
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Configuring your home surveillance system for internet viewing can be very challenging because of the variables in systems, routers and service providers. This video shows how to configure the firewall in your WiFi router to access your home surveillance system remotely. You’ll learn … Read More

Home Surveillance System Installation
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A few years ago, we had a series of break-ins in my area, and some were close enough to be considered “too close for comfort.” After a number of ADT and competing security company signs began to pop up throughout … Read More

IKEA Hack Platform Bed DIY
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This video shows you how to turn seven standard kitchen cabinets from IKEA into a platform bed with storage underneath. It’s a perfect solution for anyone with limited closet or attic space. Please be sure to read this entire page … Read More

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