Insteon Holiday Lighting

This video shows how I set up my Insteon Holiday Lights in my house. With Insteon, you can easily automate multiple devices to go on and off at the same time, and according to a schedule.

I first wired a Micro On-Off Module to control my outdoor outlets. Next I added six Lamp Dimmer Module devices and the Micro On-Off Module to my Insteon Hub and added them all to a scene called “Holiday Lights”. Finally, I set a schedule for the scene to go on at dusk and off at 11pm.

If you want to avoid hard-wiring a module to control outdoor outlets, you can get the Insteon Remote Control Plug-In On/Off Module as an alternative. This works just like my micro module, but you can unplug it and store it with your holiday lights!

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Insteon Remote Control Plug-In On/Off Module

Insteon Hub*


*Note: You can get the Insteon Hub for a deep discount in a Starter Kit.

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