Home Surveillance System Upgrade

My previous home surveillance system provided me four years of reliable service and it was still going strong. But after I helped my neighbor install a high definition Lorex system, I saw first-hand how beautiful that new system was, and how outdated my old system really was. I had a bad case of DVR-evny.

I decided to modernize my surveillance system by upgrading it to a Lorex MPX system which provides high definition 1080P digital video using the same kind of BNC cables that installed in 2012. If you’ve got an existing system with good quality BNC cables, you can potentially swap your DVR and cameras in a fraction of the time that it takes to run new cables.

If only my upgrade went that easy…


Products used in this Video

The DVR shown in this video is model #DV7163, which has 16 channels and a 3TB hard drive. I don’t think I’ll ever need 16 channels, but I wanted the large hard drive because high definition video takes up a lot of space.

The cameras are model #LBV2711.

To locate these exact products, click here and search for those model numbers on the Lorex website. You’ll also find a great article that describes the difference between an HD MPX DVR (like mine) and an HD IP NVR.

Check out my Lorex page for more information.


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