Chris ProfileMy name is Chris Heider and I am a handy dad. I was fortunate to have grown up with a handy dad who taught me be frugal and never pay someone to do something that I could do myself. He also gave me confidence to try things I'd never done before. Read more about my thoughts on confidence.

I started this site in response to an overwhelming number of comments on my YouTube channel from young people who don't have a handy dad to mentor them. Here are a few:

You're the coolest dad ever! My dad barely knows how to hang up a mirror! -Stephanie Velez

I wish this guy was my Dad.. Wish I had a Dad… -neoian94

I love you DAD -Tang Alan

I love that your daughter was helping you with this. I built bookcases, framed walls, and even hung sheetrock with my dad growing up. I have been very grateful for that experience as an adult and home owner. -Elizabeth H

So this is what it is like to have a dad. -Kiwberly

I miss my dad, he used to do this type of stuff for us, God bless his soul. -don1559

Where can I buy a daddy at IKEA? -sleepwright

I wish my dad loved me this much. -Angela Rose

Why don't they teach us this in school?? -Laura Zamarripa

This was amazing and you're an amazing dad to make that for your daughter. So ingenious! -GinaBobina316

Honestly dad goals. -Brenna Arianna

My wish is for this site and my videos to inspire the current generation of dads who lack the confidence to be handier, and to inspire the next generation of handy kids who don't have dads to mentor them.

Send me your story. Ask me questions. I'm here to help; it's what I do best.


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